Wonderful flavors of Indonesian Coffee


Enjoying Coffee in Indonesia


If you find yourself in the area of the country that is considered as one of the most important coffee producers in the world, you should not miss the opportunity of tasting this beverage and in addition to that, you may be able to visit some of the coffee plantations that can be found all over the country.

If you are interested in trying out different types of coffee prepared in plenty of interesting ways, you should definitely visit Indonesian coffee shops and cafés. One of the best places for you to have a wonderful coffee tasting experience in Indonesia is Jakarta that abounds with great places where you can enjoy a peaceful quiet atmosphere and relax while tasting the Indonesian domestic coffee.

Enjoy the local ways of drinking coffee

Kopi tubruk – Coffee, Indonesia

People of Indonesia will usually tell you that there is no better way to taste Indonesian coffee than to stop by the interesting roadside stalls named warung kopi. There you can have some kopi tubruk from a small glass. Indonesian coffee is usually drunk with lots of sugar, so don’t rush when having the last sips, because you may end up surprised by the amount of sugar that you may find down there.

Another beverage based on coffee that should be tasted if you come to Indonesia is kopi susu, which is actually coffee with milk. This coffee is often called “mud coffee” since it is pretty thick and, therefore, more difficult to be drunk. Another interesting fact that often surprises tourists is that this coffee is made of canned sweetened condensed milk.

Kopi Susu and Cake, Parepare, Sulawesi – Coffee, Indonesia

A large amount of different types of Indonesian coffees can also be found in the grocery stores and specialty shops that are only offering locally roasted coffees. There are also places that provide the coffee lessons for all of the people who are willing to know more about Indonesian coffee, ways of its cultivation and different coffee recipes. There you can also learn how to make differences between various types of coffees. One of the most popular places of this type definitely is the Caswell’s Café that has its coffee shops all around the country, in all of the larger urban centers.

To get to know more about the coffee plantation, you can check some of the tourist agencies in Indonesia that may be arranging trips of this kind. Even though Indonesia does not really have a formal program that includes agricultural tourism activities, many of the owners of the plantations will usually let you visit them, take some photos and ask questions if you have any. Sometimes you may also be invited to witness the procedure of coffee harvesting or some other activities related to processing coffee in Indonesia.

Sorting the beans – Coffee, Indonesia


As you could see, there are plenty of ways of getting to know more about Indonesian coffee, including its consummation at the local coffee shops, having lessons about it or visiting the endless plantations. However, if you figure out that you are not really super excited about drinking local Indonesian coffee and you crave for the coffee that you are used to, you should not be frustrated.

If you are not willing to participate in the process of new coffees exploration, you can visit some of the international coffee shops that offer familiar versions of this indispensable beverage, such as Segafredo from Italy, Starbucks from the United States as well as Coffee Bean from Singapore. These shops are available in any of the larger cities in the country and are usually located in malls.