Stunning volcanoes of Indonesia

Have you ever wondered which places in Indonesia you should visit? Yes, it is a difficult decision, especially if you don’t have more than 10 or 15 days to explore beauties of this part of Asia.

Kelimutu Eastern Crater – Volcano, Indonesia

It is not that easy to choose your favorites when there is about 17.000 islands and islets with amazing beaches, rapid rivers, romantic lakes, forest waterfalls, fascinating temples, amazing flora and fauna, and as a cherry on top of the cake – stunning volcanoes.

This article is especially dedicated to these eruptive mountains which will blow your mind. It was tough, but we succeeded to make a selection of some of the most spectacular volcanoes which should not be missed during your journey through this wonderful country.

Moonwalking on Bromo volcano

Gunung Bromo – Volcano, Indonesia


Gunung Bromo crater – Volcano, Indonesia

Located on the eastern part of the island, Bromo is one of the most active volcanoes of Java. It can be reached from Bali and it is located at the top of the Tengger caldera, 16 kilometers wide. Just imagine your journey to the crater of the volcano, covered by the breeze and misty dawn, while being surrounded by fog and gray color of ash covering the ground and making you feel as if you were on the moon.

One of the best ways to fully experience charms of Bromo is to stay in the town of Probolinggo, which is about two hours away from the volcano. You can’t miss the crater since it is overactive. When you arrive at the foot of the volcano, you will notice ladder which enables climbing, in order to see the crater inside.

With smoke and a strong smell of sulfur, it is a matchless experience, even though you probably won’t be able to spend too much time there. The rash is not concentrated at one point but in a larger number of active holes. Sometimes there are major eruptions, so you should inform yourself at your hotel before you try to approach it.

Sunrise on the Rinjani volcano

Gunung Rinjani – Volcano, Indonesia


Most of the visitors of Lombok Island who decided to visit the volcano mountain of Rinjani say that they didn’t regret it. Hiking to reach the top and seeing the sunrise from the volcanic peak of Rinjani is one of the most beautiful experiences. With clear air and beautiful view, you may think you found yourself in paradise.

Even when it is active, this volcano does not have a real major eruption but a flow of slow lava, with some smoke. Unfortunately, in case of an eruption, you won’t be able to reach the lake and hot thermal springs, because of potentially toxic gases.

The view from Gunung Batur


Gunung Batur – Volcano, Indonesia