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Exquisite Traditional Drinks in Indonesia

All of those adventurous travelers who dare to explore the wilderness of Indonesia and enjoy in diverse activities and touristic attractions offered by this exotic destination definitely deserve to be rewarded by some of the delicious Indonesian meals. However, we all know that a good meal gets an entirely new dimension if it is followed by an appropriate drink, and guess what – Indonesians through the history put an enormous effort into the creation of some of the most delicious drinks offered in the world.

No matter whether you prefer hot or cold, sweet or sour, alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, we assure you that Indonesia has a perfect drink for you. All you have to do is to find it. So, let’s start with presentations of some of the most popular and most tasty drinks that Indonesia can offer to you!


Bajigur – Coconut Milk Party

Bajigur from West Java – Traditional drinks from Indonesia


This warm Indonesian magical potion originating from the Sunda Islands and West Java will blow your mind with its spicy exotic taste based on coconut milk and palm sugar. When you add some salt, ginger and vanilla powder to it, you will enjoy one of the tastiest drinks you have ever tasted.

It is the favorite beverage of Indonesian people during the wet season when it is rainy and too cold for them to have the already mentioned cendol. To keep the higher temperature of the drink, it is usually served on a cart with a stove. It is commonly served with boiled potatoes, peanuts or bananas.


Cendol – The Sweet Rice Paradise


This amazing Indonesian cold beverage is made from rice flour and it is usually combined with grated ice, melted brown sugar and coconut milk right before serving. That way the drink gets its specific sweet savory taste. Even though local people consider it as an Indonesian beverage, this drink can also be found in surrounding countries, as well, but under the different names.

Cendol – Traditional drinks from Indonesia

In Indonesia, it is popular as cendol since this word originates from the Indonesian word for “bump” or “swollen” (“jendol”), which refers to the sensation that you get while drinking cendol, because of the worm-like jelly mass that is one of the ingredients of this refreshing drink. This jelly mass resembling worms represents the rice flour that is mixed with the green color that either has herbal origins or it’s artificially provided. In different areas of the country some parts of the preparation procedure may differ so the taste can be a bit different depending on the place where you are having your cendol, but, anyway, the pleasure while drinking it is guaranteed.

Sekoteng – Hot Ginger Adventure


Sekoteng – Traditional drinks from Indonesia

It is not an exaggeration when we tell that this drink is a real delicious adventure for your throat. Sekoteng is the beverage that originates from Central Java and it is usually served hot. Its main ingredient is the powerful ginger that is combined with various fruits and vegetables, such as green beans and peanuts. It is also common to put some pieces of bread in it. This wonderful drink is mostly consumed in the late afternoon hours and evenings. Today, it can be found and ordered in Jakarta, Yogyakarta and West Java, as well.

Es teler – Fruity & Icy


Es teler is another refreshing beverage based on the mixture of some of the best fruits that can be found in Indonesia, such as pieces of avocado, unripe coconut and ripe jackfruit. The coconut milk is the inevitable ingredient of this drink, so it is diluted with a sweetener until it gets the form of the sweetened condensed milk or syrup. Ice that goes with this drink can be served in various ways, mostly in the form of ice cubes or shaved ice. Some more interesting variations of this drink include grass jelly ice, pieces of apple, melon, papaya, and even toast.