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The Art of Rice fields in Indonesia

If you have ever been to Indonesia, you have certainly enjoyed the wild green beauty of its rice terraces, as well as the delicious food mostly based on the usage of this popular ingredient, such as nasi goreng or nasi kuning.

Considering the irreplaceable nutritive role of rice and its pretty wide usage in Indonesia, rice cultivation can be referred to as probably the most important agricultural activity of the country since Indonesia is listed as one of the five leading rice producing countries, and there is nothing strange about it, since most of the farms of Indonesia represent farms of rice.

As the type of food that has a long history and wide variety of preparations, rice is believed to be the native food of ancient times in China, India, and Thailand, that has come to the West thanks to numerous soldiers, explorers, and merchants. Even though nowadays you can buy it anywhere, you definitely cannot produce it anywhere since it requires special conditions in order to grow properly and have the adequate quality.

A farmer planting rice in Aceh, Java – Rice fields, Indonesia


Rice cultivation in Indonesia


Rice planting – Rice fields, Indonesia

Rice is a species that needs pretty wet conditions with lots of rain right after its seeds have been laid into the ground, so you should not expect dry, warm and sunny areas to be the most important producers of rice. On the contrary, you should consider yourself as a really lucky person if you succeed to harvest some grains of rice in these conditions.

In Indonesia, there are some areas that are remarkable when it comes to rice production and these definitely are the southern provinces of the islands of Sumatra and Sulawesi, as well as some of the Javanese provinces, such as West Java, East Java, and Central Java.

Even though it may sound surprising when you consider the fact that Indonesia is the third largest country regarding the global production of rice, this country still has to import significant amounts of rice for the needs of its population. In addition to its enormous population and ever-growing needs (between 140 and 200 kilos a year per person), another problem is that the techniques of rice production in Indonesia still aren’t developed and modernized enough.

However, the government of the country is trying to improve this situation so there are some indications that Indonesia could become an exporting country. The measures that are supposed to help in the process of the situation improvement refer to

  • helping smallholder farmers to modernize their production equipment
  • stimulating consumers to replace rice for some other staple foods at least for one day a week. 


Visit the rice fields of Indonesia


If you are interested in seeing how it really looks and you want to try to catch some of the natural beauties of impressive Indonesian rice fields, or even hear the story that lies behind some of these terraces, you are more than welcome to check out some pretty interesting offers that can be found regarding day trips and excursions to these areas rich with rice, or you can organize them on your own. Before that, you should certainly check which of the fields are open for visitors and which ones are not. Anyway, we have selected some of the destinations that are recommended by other travelers that enjoyed visiting them, and we are sure that they will leave you breathless as well.

Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Tegalalang terraces, Bali – Rice fields, Indonesia

If you happen to be staying on the island of Bali, then you should not skip visiting this impressive rice terrace. Tegalalang is one of the popular natural tourist attractions in Bali, that is located in the area of Tegalalang Village in the northern area of Ubud. The village is positioned 600 m above the sea so it offers a pretty pleasant temperature and most of the people living there are working as rice farmers.