Sumatra island: Discover its stunning exotic beauties

If you can imagine yourself on an adventurous journey full of surprises, exploring the untouched wild beauties of stunning landscapes, then you can imagine yourself spending your vacation on Sumatra island.

Parai beach – Sumatra island, Indonesia

As one of the most famous islands among 17 000 islands of Indonesia, Sumatra is one of the most popular destinations among lovers of adventurous experiences. Still, that doesn’t mean that lovers of peaceful and relaxing getaways won’t enjoy it. On the contrary!

Amongst various quality ways of spending your vacation time, we are offering you recommendations related to the most attractive tourist activities on this amazing island. Read on to find out what are the most interesting things to do and most amazing places to visit once you find yourself on the island of Sumatra.

Enjoy the charms of Toba Lake’s refreshing water 

Toba Lake – Sumatra island, Indonesia

As the largest lake of the southeastern part of the island, Toba Lake has been one of the obligatory traveling destinations in decades for a large number of tourists who have been visiting Sumatra.

Located on a high altitude, between volcanic peaks, with its enchanting azure fresh water, Toba Lake represents a top quality destination for relaxation and enjoying the exotic colorful nature on its finest.


Explore the Christian village on the coastal line of Toba Lake

Batak house in the Tuk Tuk village – Sumatra island, Indonesia

Not only you will be able to find your own peace, but you will also have the opportunity of getting in touch with local people from the Christian village Tuk Tuk, who will welcome you kindly and generously, usually offering you a couple of drinks as a sign of their overwhelming hospitability.

Maybe they won’t be able to speak to you in fluent English, but anyway, you probably won’t find that jolly people anywhere in the world. In addition, you’ll be impressed with their specially ornamented houses’ exterior in this part of Sumatra.

Find some orangutans

Orangutan – Ketambe – Sumatra island, Indonesia

And no, it is not a joke. Really, if you have been to Sumatra and never tried to trace the animals through the exotic jungle of Bukit Lawang and observe them, well, you missed a whole dimension of your vacation. Tropical jungles which round up this tourist attraction as a part of the National Park of Gunung Leuser are some of the world’s best examples of high-level biodiversity. Here you can explore many different plants and animals, such as:

  • Up to eight species of primates,
  • Tigers and leopards,
  • Rhinoceros and elephants.

One of the attractions of this national park is Bukit, a well-known center of Sumatra founded in 1973. It is dedicated to taking care of more than 5 000 orangutans and it firstly had the role of helping them readapt to living in a jungle after being captivated.

Tourists can visit the park without a guide only while monkeys are being fed. In all other cases, the presence of a guide is mandatory, in order to provide the highest safety level. Different types of visits may last from three hours to a couple of days.

Conquer the volcanoes of Sumatra island

Berastagi volcano – Sumatra island, Indonesia