Cover - Candi Sukuh, Central Java, Indonesia

The Sukuh Temple and its surprising peculiarity

Ganesha – Candi Sukuh, Central Java, Indonesia

Three Turtles

It is not rare to see the turtles at Hindu temple, having in mind that they had an important role in Hindy mythology – they are said to represent the deity of Vishny. Therefore, they are considered as the base of the World. All of these turtles are located in the front area of the temple and their shells represent altars for religious ceremonies and worships. All of them are turned to the west – two of them are located right in front of the entrance of the pyramid as if they are protecting it while the third one is away from them.

In the main courtyard, three large flat-backed turtle statues can be found – Candi Sukuh, Central Java, Indonesia

Five Stone Panels

The stone panels that can be found in front of the temple represent the series of Kidung Sudamala’s stories. Actually, all of the panels are based on one theme that is divided into sequences. It is a woman who had been cursed by her husband because she didn’t want to have a sexual intercourse with him.

She was pretty mad about it and that’s why she ended up cursed by the goddess – she became a giant. In order to get rid of the curse, giant lied to Sadhewa, who was one of the five brothers of Pandawa, that she was their mother and that someone cursed her (which is the only true part of her story). He put his trust in her, decided to set her free and succeeded in it. Every of the five stone panels at the temple speaks about another part of the story.

Storytelling in Stones – Candi Sukuh, Central Java, Indonesia


Visiting Sukuh Temple


If you decide to spend some time observing and exploring Candi Sukuh, be sure to bring some warm clothes with you. You are going to need them up there since the temperatures on the slopes can be much lower when compared to the average temperature of the foothill.

Maybe the best way to reach the temple is to visit it from Solo, since traveling from Yogyakarta can be pretty exhausting and it will surely last much longer. If you are traveling from Solo, the temple is reachable in one hour, give or take, riding a motorcycle, or you can also rent a car with a driver if you are looking for a more relaxed trip which will allow you to enjoy the view of surrounding rice terraces and tea plantations.

Another possible option, and probably the most complicated one, is to use a bus. You can catch the local bus from Solo to Pulur. In Pulur, you’ll have to catch another one, that will drive you to Karang Pandan. There, you will have to get on another one, which will take you to Kumining. From this spot, you will have to walk ten more minutes to approach the temple.

Whatever your traveling choice is, be sure to bring the money to pay the entrance ticket.

Pyramid – Candi Sukuh, Central Java, Indonesia


If you are having second thoughts when it comes to visiting Sukuh Temple, you should know that it is a great choice if you are looking for some extraordinary panoramic views, as well – from this spot, you will be able to see the magnificent city landscapes lying under you and enjoy the beauties of magnificent area that surrounds the temple. This means – you better not miss this chance to explore Sukuh Temple and enjoy the time that you’ll spend there!