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Extraordinary Spa Experience in Indonesia

If you are one of those people who have always imagined themselves relaxing in the nature, listening to the sounds of exotic animal species while laying in the deep shadow of rainforests and experiencing some of the most beautiful massage treatments or scented warm-water bathtubs, we are pretty glad to tell you that these dreams of yours can easily come true, and all you have to do is to book your ticket to Indonesia, pack your things and start to discover all of the amazing spa centers that Indonesia offers to all of its tourists.

Your spa program in Indonesia can be based on various spa treatments and they may help you in dealing with various conditions such as muscle issues, chills, arthritis, and headaches. The recipes that may be used for preparation of your massage oils are commonly based on the usage of ginger, sandalwood, turmeric, nutmeg, cloves, ginger and rice powder, and therefore people can be a bit sceptic since they are used to using these ingredients in their kitchen only, but after they have tried out these massages, they will definitely figure out how mistaken they were while treating these special spices and herbs as kitchen-only ingredients.

Chill out and enjoy – Spa, Indonesia

Original Indonesian Body Treatments


Indonesian treatments are pretty respected and popular even outside of its borders. Two of the most efficient traditional treatments that have succeeded to last for centuries and remain the most spectacular ways of improving people’s skin condition are:

  • Mandi luhur – Spa, Indonesia

    Mandi luhur – Today you can order this treatment in all of the beauty centers and spas in the entire country, but originally it was only available in the Javanese palaces from the beginning of the 17th century. The procedure was based on the skin polishing and exfoliation, which was succeeded by a special paste made of ingredients that mostly have the herbal origins (jasmine oil, sandalwood etc.)

  • Mandi susu –This beauty bath commonly based on the milk of cows, goats or sheep originally was the way of taking care of princesses from Java and it was also known as a youth elixir, which was making the skin impeccably soft and clean. Nowadays, the scent of milk is improved and combined with yogurt or buttermilk to provide better effects.

Mandi susu – Spa, Indonesia

Original Indonesian Fragrant Wraps


If you are a lover of more relaxing and less invasive methods of refilling your energy and taking care of your body, then you should not skip some of the specific Indonesian wraps such as:

  • Herbal wrap – Spa, Indonesia

    Herbal wraps – These treatments are well-known because of their stunning benefits on skin – they make it heal easier and also keep it really smooth and pure. It does not only clean up the impurities from the external layer of skin, but also from your entire organism. This type of treatment usually in its base has the mud that is mixed with herbs, milk, turmeric and sesame oil that will make your skin smell incredibly nice. The treatment is known as „wrap“ since it should be wrapped around your body, protected with plastics and wrapped with a warm towel.

    Floral bath – Spa, Indonesia

  • Floral baths – People who enjoy spa experience and visit Indonesia should not forgive themselves if they do not spend some time in the paradise of floral baths. The warm water of the bathtub is filled with all types of flowers whose scent will make you lose yourself in this all consuming experience. Magnolia, hibiscus, gardenia, rose, and jasmine are only some of the flowers that will make your floral bath unforgettable. Before you enter the bathtub, the petals of the mention flower should stay in it for a while, so that water receives all of the positive sides of the flowers that should be soaked by your body.
  • Javanese Wraps – As their name says, these wraps were pretty common on the island of Java and they were especially popular among the women who gave birth and wanted to regain their figure. Javanese wraps are said to eliminate the bacteria from women’s bodies and help the rejuvenation of the lymphatic system while at the same time healing their bodies.

    Javanese wrap – Spa, Indonesia


In order to help you in the process of choosing your perfect spa resort, we have done our research and we are providing you with our very own list of the most incredible spa resorts in Indonesia. Check them out and find your favorite!


MesaStila Resort and Spa Retreat near Yogyakarta


MesaStila Resort and Spa near Yogyakarta – Spa, Indonesia