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Hot Spots for Rafting in Indonesia

Even though Indonesian islands are well-known for its amazing rivers with swift currents and river rocks, their tourist potential as rafting destinations has recently started to be exploited. No matter which one of the stunning Indonesian islands you are visiting, the chances are that you will easily find some amazing rivers ideal for rafting, so refill your energy supplies, pack your things and provide yourself an unforgettable white water experience that will blow your mind.

We have tried to locate some of the most attractive white water rafting destinations throughout the Indonesian areas and while reading through this article, you will be able to see what are the top options of other travelers who have already experienced the charms of rafting in Indonesia. They say that Indonesia provides some really incredible and unique experiences not only for the people who are just beginning to enjoy rafting but also for professionals who are looking for the most challenging white waters to conquer.

So, don’t wait any longer and let’s see what are the most attractive rafting destinations in the area of Indonesia!


The rivers of Ayung and Telaga in Bali

Ayung river, Bali- Rafting, Indonesia


Bali is considered as one of the top rafting destinations in Indonesia since it is the island where you can find some of the most popular rivers for rafting in Indonesia, such as rivers of Telaga and Ayung.

However, rafting in the area of Bali is not always as adrenaline-filled mission as it’s a magnificent exploration of incredible surrounding and environment. Most of the rivers are not really dangerous except during the time after heavy rains, but they offer some pretty fun and amusing experiences, which is a suitable option for beginners in rafting that will be thrilled to try it.

One of the best examples for a nice and safe rafting mission is Ayung river. The path for rafting is 12 kilometers long, starting in Payangan and ending in Kedewatan village. While having your adventure down the Ayung that will lead you through deep valleys and endless fields of rice, as well as through the tropical rainforests, you will be able to notice the importance of the rivers for rural Balinese people, who use its waters for rice irrigation and clothes washing.

Telaga river, Bali- Rafting, Indonesia

Telaga river, Bali- Rafting, Indonesia

If you are looking for more exciting experience and want your adrenaline seriously high, then the river of Telaga, flowing from the Mountain Springs located in the area of the mount of Agung, is the right choice for you. At one part of its flow, this stunning river offers a pretty safe rafting path for beginners but it also has some incredibly exciting and challenging areas for people who are experienced in rafting. To successfully finish your rafting adventure, you will have to raft for 16 kilometers and it usually lasts from 2 to 3 hours.

Some other rivers that are recommended for rafting in Bali are Ubaya, Unda, and Balian river.


Rafting in Sadan and Nimanga in Sulawesi


If you are looking for an experience that will offer you more adrenaline than the rivers of Bali, then the island of Sulawesi is the right place for you. Having some of the fastest rivers, such as the river of Sadan, where you can get a more intense adventure, Sulawesi offers spectacular rafting expeditions that may last longer than one day.

Nimanga River, Sulawesi- Rafting, Indonesia

Sadan river can be rafted during the most time of the year, but the optimal conditions are provided in the period between the months of November and March. This river is a great choice if you are interested in observing the exotic wildlife of the island, such as giant lizards.