Trekking, Mount Rinjani - Lombok Indonesia

Mount Rinjani in Lombok: The Amazing Eruption of Beauty

Rising high above the island of Lombok, Gunung Rinjani or Mount Rinjani represents a natural skyscraper of Indonesia and climbing this mountain is probably one of the most adventurous and overwhelming experiences that you can have in Indonesia. If you have not climbed Rinjani, then you certainly haven’t experienced all of the natural charms of Lombok.

The Nature of Mount Rinjani

Road to Mount Rinjani - Lombok, Indonesia

Road to Mount Rinjani – Lombok, Indonesia

With more than 3.726 meters above the sea level, Rinjani is the second highest mountain in Indonesia and its wild nature and steep paths make it incredibly popular among the lovers of trekking, hiking and mountain climbing. As you can imagine, it is not easy at all to conquer this beauty, however, it is definitely worth it since it is said to provide some of the best views in the entire country. Being as enormous as it is, the crater of Rinjani forms a small volcano and an incredible lake in its interior.

Gunung Rinjani is well-known as an important part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, which is the area known for the frequent volcanic activities and eruptions, however, it also has an individual importance, especially when it comes to traditional beliefs of local people. It is believed that the name of this mountain has its origins in the Javanese word meaning „God“. The hillsides of Rinjani are beautifully ornamented with lush forests dotted with waterfalls and surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.

The Balinese people living in this area have a pretty interesting tradition related to Rinjani. Every year, they perform a traditional ritual which is named Pekelan. Pekelan is based on the offerings made for the spirits of the mountain. Another common belief is the one formed by the Sasak people in Lombok that are gathered around Wetu Telu religion. In accordance with their belief, the lake inside the volcano is considered as sacred and every time the moon is full, they come to the lake and pray all night.

Panoramic view of the Mount Rinjani – Lombok Indonesia

Mount Rinjani: Visitors’ Guide

If you happen to find yourself in Lombok, willing to explore Gunung Rinjani, there are some really special places and things to do. We’ve created a special list of what you should not miss once you start conquering these beautiful areas. Let’s check them out!

Enjoy The Best Mountaineering Activities

Sunrise on Mount Rinjani – Lombok, Indonesia

For the majority of the adventurous tourists, climbing the mount Rinjani is considered as one of the best mountaineering routes in the southeastern Asia. The most adventurous mountaineers can climb all the way, to the top of the volcano. The best way of getting there is from Sebalun Lawang and climbing usually lasts two days.

The largest route may take you up to three or four days and it’s finished in Senaru. This route represents an important part of the official territory of the National Park, whose officials put lots of effort to promote the tourism potential of this route and improve its attractiveness. The great side of this strategy is that all of the incomes from tourist activities in this area are used for the restoration and preservation of the National Park’s area, including the route maintenance works.

If you decide to challenge yourself and start to climb Mount Rinjani, you should be in a really good condition since it is not an easy journey at all. However, your persistence will definitely be awarded the stunning views of the volcanic landscapes, sulphurous lakes, waterfalls and incredible surroundings all the way up.

Starry Night on Mount Rinjani Crater Rim – Lombok, Indonesia

Explore the Caves and Thermal Waters

Although there is a large number of both larger and smaller impressive caves in this area, the most popular and the most intriguing one is Goa Susu. It is the cave which is well-known as a great place for relaxation and meditation with its thermal springs. It is said that mean and envious people won’t make it easily to pass through its narrow entrance, while on the other hand, good people will be able to pass through easily.

Some other interesting caves that should be visited are Payung Goa and Goa Manik.