Part 3 of 4 – The most dangerous animals in Indonesia: the big ones

Elephant eye – Most dangerous animals in Indonesia

The Life of Siamese Crocodiles

Happy siamese crocodile – Most dangerous animals in Indonesia


The Siamese crocodile is a critically endangered animal that can commonly be found in the area of Asia, so it is not rare to see it in Indonesia, as well. It is a freshwater crocodile mostly inhabiting the area of lakes and slow-moving rivers on the islands of Borneo and Java. The length of this species can go up to 3 metres and they are not a type of animals that prefer living independently. They are commonly found living in the groups (families).

Sleeping crocodile – Most dangerous animals in Indonesia

They mostly feed on frogs, mammals, fish and birds, and even though there are no records of Siamese crocodiles intentionally attacking people, they won’t hesitate to defend themselves if you approach them, meaning that they may attack you if you threaten them in any way, and considering their size, you wouldn’t really want to do that. However, if you want to observe their nature and other aspects without stress and worries, you are more than encouraged to visit the zoos in Indonesia, since almost every zoo in this country home is a to some of these crocodiles.

The Asian Rhinos – Dangerous and endangered

Rhino crossing the river – Most dangerous animals in Indonesia


Even though Asian rhinos don’t seem friendly at all, having in mind their size, their appearance and the fact that they could easily hurt people if they wanted, we should not observe them only as the big and dangerous animals that may threaten your life, since the story of Asian rhinos has a way more serious background.

There are three different species of Asian rhino and all of them can be found in the area of Indonesia, as well as in the areas of only four more neighbouring countries (India, Bhutan, Nepal and Malaysia). These species are the Sumatran rhino, the Javan rhino and the greater one-horned rhino. Unfortunately, all of them belong to the group of the animals that are considered as the endangered species.

Rhino family – Most dangerous animals in Indonesia

The main reasons that have caused this situation definitely are the loss of their habitat as well as poaching. As you probably know, the natural habitats of Asian rhinos are mostly the forest areas and grasslands. However, the expansion of the agricultural activities and other human influences, the percentage of the forest areas and grasslands decreased significantly. This leads to the difficulties in rhinos’ survival since they are now forced to live in really small populations and in not easily approachable areas.

On the other hand, even though the rhino poaching is the internationally prohibited activity, it still represents quite a threat. Why is this happening? In traditional Asian medicine, the powdered rhino’s horn has been used as a cure of different medical conditions for a long time. It is considered as a perfect medicine in a wide variety of situations, starting from the hangovers and fevers all the way to dealing with cancer and other serious conditions. They are also considered as a symbol of wealth in many places. Nowadays, they are mostly wanted on the Vietnamese market.


Even though they occupy only one percent of the land area of our planet, Indonesia’s rainforests have the 12-percent participation in the world’s known mammal species, and according to the actual situation, there are many more species to be discovered.

The Ministry of the Environment of this country states that the discovered part of the Indonesian species is not even a half of the total number of species living and growing in Indonesia. That’s why you should not be surprised after realizing that Indonesia is a homeland to some of the dangerous species that still aren’t discovered – and that is why you should listen to local people’s advice when planning the exploration of the incredible Indonesian wilderness.

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