Bike - Maluku Islands, Indonesia

Treasures of the Maluku Islands

Create a picture of several large islands full of people surrounded by hundreds of really tiny uninhabited volcanic ones and then convince yourself that it is not a product of your imagination, since Maluku Islands really exist. Dreamy islands ornamenting space between Philippines, eastern Sunda Islands and Irian Jaya are the place worth of seeing, especially if you are a lover of islands.

Ambon street – Maluku Islands, Indonesia

The largest islands of the group are Ceram and Halmahera. However, most of the tourists usually prefer going to Ambon, which is the capital, commercial and tourist center of the archipelago. The seven Banda Islands will be an ideal choice if you are looking for a quiet place to settle. The same tranquility you will get on Ternate or Tidore, which are tiny islands in the neighborhood of great Halmahera.

Nice to meet you, Maluku! 


The archipelago of the Maluku is located in eastern Indonesia between Sulawesi and Papua. It consists of 630 islands which are divided into two districts:

  • The first one is the Maluku province, with Ambon as its capital,
  • The second one includes provinces of the northern area with Halmahera Island.

Pulau Tidore Volcano from Pulau Maitara, The Moluccas – Maluku Islands, Indonesia

During the 17th century, Maluku Islands were a strategic territory and they still retain traces of this period – on every single island you may find and explore a large number of colonial forts. This dreamy archipelago of the Indian Ocean has extraordinary fauna and flora with a wide variety of coral reefs, sharks, turtles and fishes.

As for the flora, volcanoes dominate the vegetation which can be worthy of an Amazon forest. Local people of this exotic paradise are very friendly people who will enjoy helping you discover their cuisine based on strange spices.

Discover Maluku Islands


The best way of making sure that you didn’t forget to visit any of the tourist attraction of Maluku Islands is to write a list. We will help you to easily get through this process by offering you our must-see & must-do list. So, here we go.

·      Soya Atas

Soya Atas is one of the most romantic places of Maluku Islands, located in the hills of Kota Ambon in Ambon district. There you will be able to enjoy magnificent sunsets over the Bay of Ambon and its port. It is an ideal place for travelers to relax and clear their minds while the dreamy sun takes its way down the hills and valleys.

Sunset - Father and son - Maluku Islands, Indonesia

Sunset – Father and son – Maluku Islands, Indonesia

·      Salahutu Mountain

This volcanic mountain is located on the island of Ambon, in the center of the Maluku Islands, and with its 1200m height and several hot springs surrounded by granite rocks; it provides some of the spectacular views, as well. Significant presence of limestone has formed many caves interesting for curious observers.

·      Salamahada Beach

With its black sand and the perfect view of Galama volcano and clove plantations, Salamahada Beach is one of the most popular beaches of Maluku Islands. Salamahada Beach is about ten kilometers away from Ternate, located in the northern part of the Ambon Island. It owes the color of its sand to the effects of numerous volcanic eruptions.

·      Forts

Benteng – Belgium fort – Maluku Islands, Indonesia

The forts of Maluku Islands are mainly located on the Banda Islands and Ambon. The most important are the Benteng Nassau and Belgium Fort. These are testimonies of a painful past with Arabic, Portuguese and Dutch presence, and of the 17th century colonial war that weakened the local culture of the Maluku Islands, as well.



·      Flora and fauna

Mandarin Fish - Synchiropus splendidus - Maluku Islands, Indonesia

Mandarin Fish – Synchiropus splendidus – Maluku Islands, Indonesia

Giant jellyfish – Maluku Islands, Indonesia

There is an extremely diverse aquatic fauna on Maluku Islands – from various types of fishes (such as tuna or mackerel) to turtles. In addition to these, here you can have the unique experience of crossing your swimming path with a giant jellyfish (1.5 meters diameter), but you must be really careful since contact with its tentacles can be fatal.

When it comes to terrestrial fauna, the Maluku Islands with more than 300 species of birds may provide you the best introduction to the diverse world of most beautiful birds you have ever seen. Halmahera Island is very famous because of its crocodiles, so check this out – local people say that whoever crosses a crocodile will have a life full of joy. So, start your Maluku’s crocodiles research as soon as you can!