Iguana cover - Malang, Indonesia

Fresh air of Malang and the laid back feeling

Thanks to its numerous Hindu temples and various attractive sights located near this city, Malang represents a perfect starting point for your exploration of beauties of East Java.

Man in the streets - Malang, Indonesia

Man in the streets – Malang, Indonesia

Compared to the main city of this area, which is Surabaya, the blossoming boulevards from the colonial era and a windy climate of Malang make the atmosphere of this city more relaxed. People of Malang are even more friendly and laid back. Since it is a home of some of the leading and most popular universities, Malang is also known as students’ city. Main parts of the city don’t occupy much space and they can be easily explored by a pleasant walk.

You may hear from many tourists who visited this city that wide streets of Malang with huge trees and interesting buildings in Dutch style resemble the appearance of the city of Bandung.

Since the city is located at the higher altitude and at the same surrounded by mountainous chains, it is not affected by extremely hot periods which are characteristic for some other parts of the country, and actually, its climate is most of the time breezy and refreshing, with cooling temperatures in the dawn and during the night. This is particularly noticeable if you previously visited hot Yogyakarta.

History of the place

The city of Malang is a heritage of the Dutch presence in the 18h century. Great profits of its early economy are owed to the natural advantages of the area, since this part of Java had significant resources of coffee located on the hillsides which bordered the city.

Even though urban atmosphere and modern buildings are growing and taking more and more space of the city, its colonial spirit is still present and there are a lot of amazing sights from this era which can be seen in Malang nowadays.

The most impressive sights of Malang


The City Hall of Malang

City hall, Balai Kota - Malang, Indonesia

City hall, Balai Kota – Malang, Indonesia

The park that is located in the middle of roundabout in front of the city hall, which is also known as the Balai Kota Malang, not only can provide you a pleasant relaxation after your tour of the city, but it also offers a nice view of the city hall. This lively space always crowded with children playing around will certainly make your smile while you’re drinking your coffee and enjoying the evening.

Flower Market in Malang

When you find yourself in the center of the town, you should not miss the place called Pasar Bunga, which is the flower market in Malang. Even though tourists usually decide to visit it in the afternoon hours, native people recommend to visit this market in the morning. This is a better option because in the morning temperatures are lower, and these are better conditions for getting through this flower market, which at some points resembles a real maze, once you step aside from the main lanes of the market into paths full of amazingly diverse types of flowers.

Pasar Bunga – Malang, Indonesia

This market is not only supplied with various plants and flowers, but it also offers numerous tools and materials needed for gardening, as well as seeds for flowers, fruits and vegetables. So, if you are a nature lover, you will definitely have fun if you decide to visit this place.

Bird Market in Malang

Just because you’ve finished your visit to the flower market, it doesn’t mean that you have also finished your tour of the center of the city. Actually, just a couple of steps away, in the same street, you will be able to explore the bird market.

The need of having a bird market is the result of Indonesian love of birds, especially the singing ones. If you look around and pay attention to it, you will realize that almost every house owns a bird cage which is usually positioned in front of the house. Kids and grownups playing with pigeons on the rooftops are also pretty common images of the city of Malang.

bird market – Malang, Indonesia

However, not all of the tourists are going to love this place, especially those that fight for animal rights. Still, it’s the controversy of this place what makes it interesting for people, especially for tourists, to check it out. The concerning thing related to this market is the fact that not all of the sellers provide the adequate ways of taking care of the animals while they are waiting for their new owners.