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The Most Tempting Indonesian Fish Meals

Padang Fish Curry – Indonesian fish meals

It is said that Pempek, also known as the fish cake, has its origins in the 16th century. In that time, a man living near Musi river decided that he wouldn’t only grill or fry the fish, which represented the usual ways of preparing it. That’s how he started mixing fish with other ingredients, such as numerous spices and sago flour. Since he liked the taste, he decided to start selling it on his bike.

Padang Fish Curry

If you are looking for some quality fish curry in the area of Sumatra, then make a trip to the city of Padang, where you will be able to enjoy widely known Padang Fish Curry. Usually consisting of cod (or another white fish), enriched with shallots, turmeric, ginger, garlic, kaffir lime leaves, chillies, coconut milk, peanut oil, and lemon grass, it will perfectly slip through your throat, making you crave for more. Padang Fish Curry is usually served with various types of rice.


Javanese Fish Specialties

During the history, two ancient kingdoms from the Javanese area have strongly influenced the process of shaping and establishing the modern Javanese cuisine, meaning that a large number of meals that you can taste in Java nowadays have an indigenous origin, although some of them are also a product of the significant Chinese influence. From these days till today, the large coastal area of Java abundant with fish has offered a lot of opportunities for fishermen to try and catch the best seafood to be served in the plates of curious tourists. Check out our top choice of Javanese fish specialties!

Ikan Bumbu

Ikan Bumbu – Indonesian fish meals

This tasty meal originates from the villages at the northern coast of central Java, near Pekalongan. It is a typical dish in this area and the preparation process is pretty simple. The ingredients that make this meal so special are sardines, chillies, tomatoes, olive oil, ginger, tamarind, lemon grass, and an exquisite spice paste, based on coriander, garlic, peppercorn, and turmeric.

Bandeng Juwana

As its name says, this delicious meal based on the tender-boned milkfish comes from the small fishing town named Juwana, located in the eastern area of the city of Semarang, and it is probably one of the most popular and most important products of this area, since it is produced in Juwana, but sold all around the island of Java, especially in the city of Semarang.


Bandeng Juwana – Indonesian fish meals

Influenced by the incredible mixture of the Western, Malaysian, Chinese, and numerous other cuisines, the Indonesian fish meals menu offers some incredibly diverse and unique tastes, so if you don’t know where to start your journey through Indonesia, our advice is to follow your stomach and visit the island whose fish meals offer sounds the most appealing to you! Have a nice journey and bon appétit!