Getuk Lindri - Indonesian cakes

Indonesian Cakes: The Sweetest Guilty Pleasures

Gethuk Lindri plate – Indonesian cakes

They can be found in a large number of different shapes, sizes, and colors, although the most popular form is the spaghetti form which is provided by the usage of the pasta machine. If you are not a fan of cassava, then you should try to find the version of getuk that includes banana or sweet potato. It is one of the cheaper desserts in Indonesia so it’s a great option if you are craving for something sweet and don’t have much money on you.

Bolu Kukus – Steamed Sponge Cake

Bolu Kukus – Indonesian cakes

Bolu kukus is another pretty popular and common Indonesian dessert which is not difficult to prepare and it is interesting because of its form of a blooming flower.

Its main ingredients are sugar, milk, flour, and eggs and it can be prepared by roasting it in the oven or by steaming it. Even though it can be prepared with both rice and wheat flour, in most of the situations you’ll see it prepared with the wheat one. The light and airy melting sweet texture of these cakes is one of the main reasons for its popularity.

The cakes are baked and served in the small paper cups and during the preparation, parts of the mixture are dyed into various colors, just like getuk cakes. The best thing about these sweet cakes is that it doesn’t take more than half an hour to prepare them. Quick, tasty, and sweet? Checked!

Bika Ambon – The Honey Comb Cake

This bubbly dessert is coming from the area of Medan in North Sumatra and it has become one of its trademarks, even though it has the name of another town in its title (Ambon). Some people say that this cake got this name because it was brought to Medan by the Ambonese traders, but none of these stories can be proved. What can be proved is the fact that this cake recently has become popular not only in the area of Sumatra but on the island of Java, as well.

Originally made of coconut milk, sugar, eggs, tapioca flour and coconut milk, this sweet pleasure can be aromatized with various flavors, so nowadays you can taste the chocolate bika ambon and the cheese bika ambon as well as those with banana and durian flavor. Vanilla and cinnamon are also inevitable ingredients if you are looking for a rich and intense flavor.

Bika Ambon – Indonesian cakes

The native people who produce this cake say that the numerous visitors of this area fell in love with the spongy texture enriched with sweet bubbles provided by the usage of the yeast and this cake has become a real tourist attraction so you should not be surprised to read that there are more than 40 shops where you can buy this incredibly tasty cake with various flavours. Even though it looks pretty simple, this cake is not easily made since it is not easy at all to provide the bubbly cake appearance. That’s why numerous producers keep the recipe of this cake as a secret.


Now that it is more than obvious that you won’t stay hungry in Indonesia, can you make up your mind and choose only one of these extraordinarily delicious cakes? Which one would be your first choice?