Getuk Lindri - Indonesian cakes

Indonesian Cakes: The Sweetest Guilty Pleasures

If you decide to treat yourself with some of the interesting traditional Indonesian cakes, don’t be afraid to experiment and taste some of the famous desserts from this country. Indonesian offer of the local sweets is really rich and diverse so you shouldn’t have any problems to find something sweet that will satisfy your taste and expectations.

In this article we present you some of the most popular, sweetest and tastiest Indonesian cakes, so make sure you aren’t hungry before reading about these sweet guilty pleasures of Indonesia!


Kue Lapis Legit – The Queen of Indonesian Cakes

Kue Lapis Legit - Indonesian cakes

Kue Lapis Legit – Indonesian cakes

Maybe the best known and most popular Indonesian cake, Kue Lapis Legit, also known as spekuk (spekkoek) represents the type of dessert that combines a large number of tasty layers into a terrific cake. Therefore, there is no wonder that the English name of this cake is the Thousand Layer Cake. This cake was introduced to Indonesian cuisine by the Dutch who ruled in this are during four centuries.

Kue Lapis Legit consists of 18 layers and in various versions of this cake not all of them have the same ingredients, but all of them usually consist of flour, sugar, and butter. Every of these tasty layers has to be baked in the oven separately and that’s why baking this cake definitely is not an easy job. The additional ingredients that are used to enriched the taste vary depending on the part of the country so you will be able to taste Kue Lapis Legit made of cheese, raisins, almonds, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and chocolate. Various spice powders are usually added as well.

The taste of this cake is not the only thing that may inspire you. Even if you are not a real cake lover, you are going to be stunned and amused by the spectacularly creative appearance of the cake which is owed to the different layers combination. It may come in various shapes and colors of the layers, making your eating experience not only a sweet adventure for your stomach, but also for your sight. The good thing about this cake is that you can find it even outside the borders of Indonesia.

Kue Lapis Coklat - Indonesian cakes

Kue Lapis Coklat – Indonesian cakes

Variations of Kue Lapis Legit

In some parts of the country, the number of layers is smaller, so if you order Kue Lapis Legit in the area of Malang (the island of Java), you may get a cake that only has two layers, one lighter (regular ingredients) and one darker (regular ingredients enriched with cocoa). Every layer is usually covered with a layer of fruit jam to provide an enriched taste. On the other hand, in Surabaya, your Kue Lapis Legit will consist of three thicker layers.

Bumbu Spekuk – Kue Lapis Legit with One Layer

Having in mind how much time and energy are required to create a large number of perfect layers for this cake, as well as delicacy of the process, witty Indonesians decided to make it easier by creating the cake with the same taste that consists only of one layer! This cake is known as  Bumbu Spekuk and this type of spekuk is prepared in a pan and usually has a round shape, resembling some of the western cakes.


Bumbu Spekuk - Indonesian cakes

Bumbu Spekuk – Indonesian cakes

Other Popular Indonesian Cakes

Getuk Lindri – The Rainbow on Your Plate

If you are looking for a dessert that you aren’t afraid to try to prepare it on your own, getuk lindri may be the perfect option for you. These tiny cassava cakes will make you want to eat more and more of them – well, there must be a reason for numerous people of Indonesia to say that these cakes symbolize their childhood.

Getuk lindri represents the variation of the original Javanese getuk that includes peeled cassava combined with a bit of salt, vanilla, and grated coconut. What makes this sweet so popular is the fact that the mixture of the ingredients is divided into several parts and all of them are differently colored in vivid shades of yellow, green, or red so that their vibrant combination looks stunning on a plate.