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Golfers’ paradise in Wonderful Indonesia

It is no wonder that Indonesia has become one of the hottest spots on the planet for tourists all around the world who are looking for a real vacation full of different things to do and places to see. If swimming, hiking, rock climbing, trekking, exploring the natural beauties of the country and enjoying its tradition and culture seem unrealistically stunning, this exotic paradise has another surprise for you. If you are a lover of golf, staying in Indonesia will be a real delight for you.

Golf courses in this country can be found in all of the larger cities of the country or near them. They can be positioned on ocean cliffs, near the wonderfully looking lakes, in the middle of rainforests, mountains, and rice terraces, and even inside the volcanic craters!

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Popular golf courses in Indonesia


Golf courses in Indonesia are spread through the entire country, you can find them on most of the inhabited islands. The most spectacular ones you will find in Java, in the cities of Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, and Yogyakarta. Only near Jakarta you will find more than 40 amazing golf courses!

Other great destinations for golf lovers are the island of Bali, as well as smaller settlements located near large places that are attractive to tourists, especially in the areas of West and South Sumatra, Kalimantan, Lombok, North and South Sulawesi and Papua. Every of them provides a special and unique experience. Many of them were designed by some of the most respected worldwide known designers.

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Pondok Cabe Golf

This amazing golf course is located near the Pondok Cabe Airport and its powerful and challenging design is owed to Thomson & Wolveridge. When you compare the amount of money that you need to play golf there with all of the amazing features of the course, you won’t regret this investment. Actually, most of the golfers who come and play golf at this place are convinced that they get more than they pay.

The grass found on this course is the cow grass (or the elephant grass in terms of local people). Even though there are some locations that offer better grass (like paspalum turf that is the base of the most courses in Jakarta or spongy and soft grass fields in Bermuda), do not let his fact to disappoint you. The cow grass is Indonesian natural grass and, therefore, it is easily maintained and you do not have to worry even if you come to play during the rainy season, because the conditions are pretty good during the entire year.

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Padang Golf Halim II

This course, that is also known as Halim 2, was built in the beginning of the eighties of the last century right beside the old course named Halim 1, near the Halim Perdanakusuma Airport, on the base of the Indonesian Air Force.

This course is popular because it is easily reachable and it offers real fun while playing since it owns three-lined fairways that are meandering and a lot of greenery. What makes it different from the other courses that you may find near is the fact that it offers a traditional sensation since it is not as glamorous as some other recently built courses, and in addition to that, it is run by The Air Force and there are only male caddies that are always at your service.

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Kedaton Golf Course

Kedaton is not only known as a golf course but as a golf and country club. This wonderful place is less than an hour drive away from Semanggi on the Jakarta – Merak Toll Road. It was opened in the nineties of the previous century and it was designed by American designer named Rick Robins (Robins & Associates), and this person is famous for designs of some of the most stunning and popular golf courses in the world. Remember The Wood Lands in Texas?

This course is often visited by Korean and Japanese golfers and in its offer, it’s got a cozy clubhouse that is built of wood and other natural materials and an open restaurant area that provides a wonderful view of the course and its beautiful scenery. The restaurant offers a wide variety of local food, but also some of the best Japanese, Chinese, Korean and European cuisine so you will easily find something that will refill your energy supply during your breaks. Here you can have both male and female caddies but you should have in mind that this complex does not offer “post-golf massages” or spa treatments.

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