Labuan Bajo sunset - Flores, Indonesia

Flores: Wonderful Flower of paradise

Even though most of the tourists visit Indonesia because of its larger and more popular islands, if you decide to spend some time in this incredible country, you should not forget about the island of Flores, which is located in the area of East Nusa Tenggara, offering spectacular viewpoints of the wonderful landscapes consisting of the chains of volcanoes and beautiful valleys.

Maybe it is not as large or as tourist-oriented as some other spots of the country, but it can definitely provide you really beautiful and exciting moments with more than 50 amazing places for diving and even more viewpoints that will take your breath away. In addition to all of the stunning activities and landscapes, you will be really warmly welcomed by the local people of the island and you will be able to explore their cultures and traditions.

The beauty of this island is reflected in its name – Flores is the name given by the Portuguese colonists and translated in English it means „flowers“. Having in mind the fact that the name hasn’t changed all the way through the history, Flores has definitely remained the most beautiful flower of Indonesia.

The truth is, the charms of the islands of Flores are usually neglected because tourists usually visit only Labuan Bajo, which is a small port town that serves as a connection with the island of Komodo, where they go to explore the habitat of the endangered Komodo dragons. However, the area of eight districts of Flores offers really beautiful places as well, so, let’s check out what we can do there!

Labuan bajo - Flores, Indonesia

Labuan bajo – Flores, Indonesia


Traditional Villages of Flores

Don’t Miss Wae Rebo!

Wae Rebo - Flores, Indonesia

Wae Rebo – Flores, Indonesia

Wae Rebo Village is one of the places on the island of Flores that is really adored by tourists and this is not surprising if you have in mind that this place got the Award of Excellence from UNESCO for Asia-Pacific Cultural Heritage Conservation.

Protected from the urban influences, with its strong local culture and marvelous environment, Wae Rebo offers amazing views and you’ll enjoy it even more if you get in touch with the local people of this friendly village. Some of the interesting activities that can be seen in Flores are definitely coffee and vanilla harvests. This place is definitely a paradise for all of the lovers of tradition and hiking.

The village should be visited from June to September, during the dry season, to avoid slippery areas, heavy rainfalls and to get the most of your visit.

Enjoy Bena!

Bena Tribal Village - Flores, Indonesia

Bena Tribal Village – Flores, Indonesia

If you’ve decided to explore the island of Flores and all of its natural beauties, and find yourself between Labuan Bajo, the fishing town in the western area of the island, and Maumere, the largest town of Flores, you’ll realize that there is a large number of places to visit and admire. One of the places that have succeeded to maintain their unique rural ambient and traditional atmosphere is the village of Bena, which is one of the most visited villages of Flores.

Its location, landscapes, and beautiful traditionally built houses made it one of the perfect destinations for a peaceful and relaxing experience. Some of the higher spots of village provide spectacular views of the valley and volcano.


Cunca Wulang Waterfall


Cunca Rami waterfall - Flores, Indonesia

Cunca Rami waterfall – Flores, Indonesia