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Cycling in Indonesia: start an amazing adventure

Even though most of the people who decide to spend their vacations in Indonesia decide to do it for some more obvious reasons, such as endless sunny white-sanded beaches, exploration if its extraordinary flora and fauna, or some important cultural festivals or religious celebrations, the adventure of cycling in Indonesia will give a completely new dimension to your journey through this amazing country.

One of the numerous advantages of cycling in Indonesia is the fact that this way you will not only be able to see “Indonesia for tourists” that you can see if you book some of the classic arrangements, but you will also have the chance to see and feel all of the natural and genuine beauties of this country that are pretty often hidden from the travelers who explore Indonesia during some usual hit-or-miss routine tours and group activities.

How to organize your cycling activities in Indonesia?

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Some of the people who come to this country do that just because of cycling so they bring all of the things they need, including their bikes, but most of the cases are not like that. However, if you are one of those travelers who did not have cycling in their plans when packing their bags, but you wish to try it out when you enter the country, do not be worried!

Even though Indonesia still is not that popular place for most of the cyclists, every part of this country offers some really interesting organized bike tours. In addition to that, if you are more interested in cycling on your own, on your own terms, in the larger cities of Indonesia there are also places where you can even rent a bike and full additional equipment that you may possibly need.

Depending on your condition and experience in cycling, you can choose different routes that you find most comfortable. Most of the agencies that offer organized bike tours will be able to give you the advice about the most appropriate routes for you.

The most attractive cycling routes

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The most important thing when planning your cycling adventure is usually where you should start. Many people choose Jakarta, Javanese diamond, or some of the destinations in Bali, such as Denpasar, for their starting point, not only because it is not difficult to find organized bike tours there but also because these places have the best connection with other international destinations and in addition to that, there you can get your visa pretty easily.

Cyclists that have explored the largest part of the country are pretty undecided when it comes to recommending the best route, and not because they are all the same and monotonous, but because of the variety of impressive places and diverse things to see.

You will probably find some of the pretty awesome routes on the islands of Bali, Nusa Tenggara, Lombok, Sumatra and Sulawesi as well as on many others, since they all offer different and unique experiences, however, some of the top cycling destinations are related to the island of Java, so for example, you should not miss cycling in the area of Yogyakarta, Bandung, Dieng Plateau, Borobudur, Malang, Prambanan Complex, Mount Merbabu, Jakarta etc.

Our recommendation

Enjoy the trip, Lombok – Cycling, Indonesiad

Having in mind opinions of the cyclists that have already enjoyed the cycling adventure through the Indonesian territory, we will present you one of the most popular cycling routes that include touring two amazing islands of this country and these definitely are the islands of Bali and Java.

Biking, Bali – Cycling, Indonesia

As we have already mentioned, since Bali has a great connection with various international locations and it does not have as crowded streets as Java does during most of the time, it would be a pretty practical option for you to start your cycling adventure right there. Your starting point should be in Kuta or Denpasar, where from you should cycle towards the cities of Padangbai, Ubud, Kedisan with Batur Mountain, proceeding to Kintamani, Lovina, and Gillimanuk.

Cycling from Ubud to Lovina will possibly be one of the most interesting parts of this route, since this area does not only offer exciting paths but also interesting off-bike activities, such as exploration of the local temples, volcanoes, trekking and hanging out with the native people.