Bogor and its natural beauty

Welcome to Bogor, the most attractive tourist city of the wonderful Indonesia. With its beautiful mountain range with gorgeous plants and various animals, it definitely attracts tourists and travelers from all over the world.

Bogor, a city on the Java in the West Java region of Indonesia, is situated in the center of the Bogor Regency, an hour away from the Indonesian main city, Jakarta. Bogor used to be the capital city of Indonesia during the Dutch occupation. Nowadays, it is an attractive place for a great vacation not only for the tourists but also for the people of Jakarta.

The Bogor is called “The City of Rain” for a good reason: the climate is equatorial and more rainy and humid than in the other regions of the West Java, so don’t forget to bring your umbrellas and raincoats!

People, religion and language

Smiling people in the street - Bogor, Indonesia

Smiling people in the street – Bogor, Indonesia


In Bogor, Sundanese represents the majority of the population but there is also a great number of Javanese, Chinese and other inhabitants (mostly mixed cultures). Most of the people are fluent in the official language of the city – Indonesian.

Ta'awun Mosque, Puncak - Bogor, Indonesia

Ta’awun Mosque, Puncak – Bogor, Indonesia

When it comes to religion, the greatest group of inhabitants are Muslims, while just about 5 percent of people are Christians. Nevertheless, you can see many Christian churches in Bogor as well as Hindu and Buddhist communities.

You will have a great time there because people in Bogor are very friendly and they are really glad to help you. Just relax, be very polite and smile, because everybody loves that. English is not dominant, but don’t worry, basic English is spoken by many people in restaurants, hotels, local food stalls and other places, so it won’t be that difficult to communicate. Westerners must be prepared for Indonesians asking them for a photo. So, if you are a Westerner, please, don’t be shy and scared. They are just happy to see tourists in Bogor, and posing for a photo with a smile can make their day, so why not?

What to See?

Botanic Garden Kebun Raya - Bogor, Indonesia

Botanic Garden Kebun Raya – Bogor, Indonesia

Botanic Garden Kebun Raya Bogor

This place is a wonderful botanic garden where you can see an amazing collection of plants that have been well nurtured for decades. You will find stunning flowers, fountains and orchid garden in a glass house as well. Take a stroll and you’ll find yourself surrounded by tall fern trees and vibrant flowering shrubs, and if you are lucky, you may get the opportunity to set your eyes upon the Bunga Raksasa, a colossal flower, in full bloom. This is simply a must-go place when you are going to Bogor. It is a good spot for tourists to refresh – you will enjoy the fresh air and calming smell of nature. It is really an amazing place for spending your day.

Presidential Palace Istana Bogor

Presidential Palace Istana – Bogor, Indonesia

Presidential Palace is located just at the northwest of Kebun Raya Bogor and it represents an outstanding palace standing tall in the middle a gorgeous lawn. It was the summer house of the Java’s Governor and nowadays it is one of the President’s summer residences. When driving along the fence of the palace lots of deer can be seen feeding on the grass. The palace is separated from the botanic garden by water. When you access the Botanic Gardens in Bogor you get another stunning view of the palace.

Gong Pancasan

Gong Pancasan – Bogor, Indonesia